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We will start our monthly A2C book club meetings in January 2021. Our current proposed schedule is to meet at 7-8pm Pacific Time on the first Saturday of each month. We will have 30 minutes for sharing/presentation and 30 minutes for q&a and discussion. We can adjust along the way for any improvements. Please sign up if you would like to share one of your favorite books. As an option, in addition, you can share one book in your domain of expertise that you would recommend for professionals outside of your domain to have a good understanding of the fundamentals, and any thoughts on what the future will hold in your domain. Please share a short description on why you choose the book(s) two weeks before your meeting. Please sign up by adding your name, and the book title(s) that you will share. Happy reading!

1.1/9/2021 :  Rich Dad , Poor Dad

2. 2/6/2021:  Principles

3. 3/6/2021:(《discover your clifton strength》)

4. 4/3/2021: The Business of the 21st Century

5a. 5/1/2021: Liangliang: Rise

5b. 5/15/2021:  Connect: Building exceptional relationships with family, friends, and colleagues 

6. 6/5/2021:  4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication

7. 7/10/2021(postpone 1 week due to holiday):  Getting things done

8. 8/7/2021: The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail

9. 9/11/2021 (postpone 1week due to holiday):  Lean In

10a. 10/2/2021:  work rules (author: laszlo bock)

10b. 10/15/2021:  Algorithms to live by: the computer science of human decisions 

11. 11/6/2021:  Atomic Habits (author: James Clear)

12. 12/4/2021:  How will you measure your life? By Clayton Christensen

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