About MBA/EMBA program(2020年12月2日 星期三)

  1. Select a program which can offer immersive experience. We need to live closed to our classmates and build tight connections with them. This will give us a high quality of networking. Online or part-time is not recommended. 
  2. Always choose the Tier 1 program. Don't waste money and time on low-quality education. 
  3. Choose schools and regions different from your previous experiences. 
  4. Taking a MBA program after working 3-5 years is a good choice. If a 2-year full-time MBA program is too long, consider a short but prestigious program. 
  5. GPA doesn’t come first during study. We’d better focus on networking, building business sense, teamwork, etc.. 

Express past experiences positively:

We’d better highlight the positive sides of our working and education experiences. Avoid talking about experience negatively to show modesty. For example, if we didn’t have straight A grades in study, we could say we focused more on research, applications of technology in industries and businesses.


参与此类项目首要考虑的是否可以获得“沉浸式体验”, 即在某段时间内跟同学能够经常碰面交流,建立个人之间的联系。因此,网络课程项目或非全职课程项目并不值得推荐,因为缺乏稳定的面对面社交。

选择此类项目,能去顶级项目不要去次等项目,否则是时间, 精力和金钱上的浪费。






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